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Material: PU

Nike NIKE DURA FEEL Ⅷ A simple DURA FEEL Ⅷ LH JF golf glove incorporates a variety of ingenuity of the NIKE designer. The design of palm artificial leather and palm natural leather can enhance the grip of the golf club. Comfortable while providing moderate friction. The hole design on the back of the hand, thumb and index finger can improve breathability and flexibility, and the Velcro system is easy to use.

The NIKE golf series equipment that combines practicality and functionality is DURA FEEL Ⅷ LH JF golf gloves. The palm part is made of artificial leather. The natural leather in the palm part can increase comfort and grip friction. The back of the hand is made of artificial leather with holes to further improve the breathability. The thumb and index finger are perforated to enhance the flexibility when the hand is bent. Some areas are made of LYCRA elastic material. Comfortable and comfortable Velcro system is convenient and comfortable

Specifications: single left hand

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