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Taylormade 2022 Premium Classic Caddy Bag N92834-01

Taylormade 2022 Premium Classic Caddy Bag N92834-01

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A high-end premium model that combines luxury and elegance.

We develop highly designed items for users who want an elegant style with an adult mood. Adopting a streamlined design that visualizes the flow of wind like a luxury sports car, it combines sportiness and luxury. The discreet and chic colors and enamel luster give an adult a sense of leeway.

With a shoe-in pocket on the back, it has a high storage capacity.

Fully open front pocket that opens wide and is easy to take out.

A 4-split mouth frame with a full-length separator that makes it difficult for clubs to get entangled.

Size: 9.5 type 4.4kg 47 inch compatible
Material: Synthetic leather
Shoe-in-pocket molded handle with name plate

* The photo is for illustrative purposes only. Colors may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc.
* The hood is enclosed in a pocket such as the back bag of the main body.

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