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X HOT Men Package Set | Callaway

X HOT Men Package Set | Callaway

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X HOT package set

That hot series that built an era
Appeared as a package set specification

Callaway's package sets have gained a lot of popularity every time, but now we're launching a new product that's likely to be more sensational than ever. The 2013 blockbuster X HOT series, which has a catch phrase in memory, is now available with a package set specification, along with a luxurious and fearless golf bag. We have a lineup of 10 products with the US specification coloring at that time, which are likely to have a long flight distance just by the product name. In addition, the EYE TRAX # 7 putter released in 2020 is used for the putter. A total of 11 clubs, not only for beginners and beginners, but also for intermediate and above golfers. Luxury and quality that will change the standard of the package set.

Features & Benefits

A luxurious package set reminiscent of that "X HOT"
X HOT is the name of a popular series that was a big hit in 2013, and the products at that time produced many loyal users from professionals to amateurs. This time, the design was redesigned to the package set specifications, and a driver that adopted the current adjustable hosel with a loft of 10.5 degrees, a fairway wood # 5 of 19.0 degrees, and a utility 5H of 25.0 degrees were incorporated in the wood system. All the coloring follows the US specifications at the time of 2013, and the basic color matte gray shines with white and red, making it a very stylish design.

X HOT irons that give you a sense of security and make it easy for the ball to rise
Large head X HOT irons are set on 7 of # 6-9, PW, AW, and SW. The cavity back shape, moderate offset, and wide sole width have the advantages of a sense of security when holding the ball, ease of raising the ball, ease of square impact, and resistance to duffing mistakes. It is a model that is. The coloring here is also the one of the US specification at the time of 2013.
Uses EYE TRAX putter # 7 with soft inserts
EYE TRAX putter # 7 is used for the putter of the "X HOT package set". One of the features of the EYE TRAX putter is an overall black head, two thick white alignment lines, and a red dot placed between them. The clear contrast between black and white and the red color of the dots make this putter easy to set up and stroke accurately against the target. In addition, # 7 is a popular head type because it has a shape with two horns protruding backward and the trajectory of the stroke is easy to stabilize. The face is equipped with a WHITE HOT RX insert that has a soft feel.
A setting that emphasizes gentleness rather than the conventional package set
What is noteworthy about this setting is that it is easier than the conventional package set. Compared to the WARBIRD package set (10-piece set) released in 2019, instead of the difficult I # 5, 5H, which makes it easier to get a more stable distance, is included, giving you a wider range of club selection around the green. Has been increased to a total of 11 sets. It can be said that it has become easier to capture the course.

The head cover has a new design, and the golf bag has a luxurious appearance.
Also pay attention to the head cover and golf bag that come with the club. The driver, fairway wood and utility headcovers are not the ones from 2013, but are newly designed and manufactured. The size of the golf bag is 9 inches, and the PU material used abundantly and the textured pattern in the main body fabric give it a luxurious finish. In both cases, the basic colors of black and red and white are arranged according to the coloring of the club, giving a very fearless impression.


X HOT セット
番手 W#1 W#5 5H I#6 I#7 I#8 I#9 PW AW SW Putter
ヘッド素材 チタン ステンレススチール
ロフト角(°) 10.5 19.0 25.0 28.0 32.0 36.0 40.0 44.0 49.0 54.0 3.0
ライ角(°) 58.5 58.0 59.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.5 64.0 64.0 64.0 70.0
シャフト名(フレックス) ウッド:XHOT(S/R) アイアン:XHOT(R),オリジナルスチール(S)
クラブ長さ (Sセット) 45.25 42.5 39.5 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.5 35.25 35.0 34.0
クラブ長さ (Rセット) 45.25 42.5 39.5 37.5 37.0 36.5 36.0 35.75 35.5 35.25 34.0
バランス(Sセット) D0 D1 ×
バランス(Rセット) D0 D0 ×
総重量 (Sセット) 約312g 約328g 約372g 約418g 約426g 約432g 約442g 約441g 約449g 約452g -
総重量 (Rセット) 約311g 約327g 約371g 約382g 約388g 約395g 約405g 約408g 約411g 約415g -
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