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XXIO Prime Hybrids

XXIO Prime Hybrids

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Rebound Frame is an alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones within every XXIO Prime club that focuses more of your impact energy into the golf ball. It increases ball speed and distance on every strike. On the XXIO Prime Hybrids, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones using a high strength HT 1770M face expands the High COR area of each club face, maximizing power, ball speed, and distance.



ActivWing makes you more consistent by stabilizing XXIO Prime Hybrids for better alignment at impact. By manipulating airflow with its airfoil shape—similar to those utilized by aircraft—ActivWing reduces clubhead bounce in the first half of your downswing. Just before impact, the airfoil generates lift, raising your clubhead and tightening your swing pattern for more sweet spot strikes.

Cannon Sole


A floating sole weight pad—designed in the shape of a cannon—keeps the Center of Gravity low for improved launch trajectory, while also allowing space for a larger, more flexible Flat Cup Face with High MOI. The result is an overall enhanced energy transfer for longer carry distance, especially when shots are struck low on the face or off the deck.

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