Men’s Golf Glove | TaylorMade N92980

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A. The stretch material placed on the entire instep and the two diagonally designed hold belts achieve both the contradictory stretchability and hold feeling, enabling a comfortable fit. (W floating structure) The fit is further improved by expressing the upper and lower floating parts with a one-piece cut from the index finger.

B. Silicon processing on the entire flat part reduces the gap between the glove and the club. In addition, the print design "Tech-Grip" has been improved to take into consideration the shape of the swinging palm, demonstrating a high grip.

C. Uses artificial leather that is brushed on the surface and does not slip easily even when you sweat.

Color White/Red (N92977)
White/Silver (N92978)
White/Blue (N92979)
Black (N92980)
Size 21-26cm
Material Instep: Synthetic leather/Flat: Artificial leather
Knit part: polyester, polyurethane
Instep side: Floating structure / Flat side: Si